Let's get the short version out quickly - my approach to almost any event is to document and tell a story, from preparation through to lights being turned down.  My focus is to bring my relaxed style of photography and cater how I work around what you require.  I've never been asked to blend in entirely or to approach every single guest or attendee for a photo, I do find that it's best practice to be around the middle - to blend in and document until I'm ever needed.  

Most compliments I receive are often about my cheerful attitude and friendly personality.  Those characteristics are quite difficult to convey over a website but you'll have to trust me until we meet in person.    

I began my wedding photography career staying out of sight and avoiding any sort of attention.  After years of experience, I now take real pleasure in organising any sort of formal shots at weddings, leaning out of windows or over a balcony to get "the big group" photo or running a pop-up photo studio in the evening so friends and family can pull silly faces or you can drag that one person who's been avoiding photos all day but by now, has relaxed enough to recreate Michael Jacksons "Beat It" dance moves and so is too tired to put up a fight.  

Whatever you need or want, if it requires camera equipment and someone who knows what they are doing, I'm your man.  Although taking photographs is of course my priority, I take pride in making sure I do everything I can to make sure any event goes smoothly.  

A quick list of things I've done outside of taking photos:

  • Collected bridesmaids, snowed in to a power-cut afflicted wedding venue with an electronic front gate.
  • Collected jackets, phones, cameras from churches - when food was being served and despite a few funny exceptions, NO-ONE wants photos of your friends and family eating.
  • Nervously taken an inflatable tour around a yacht to get gorgeous photos while trying to remember if my insurance will cover the submersible required to collect the treasured SD card
  • Climbed a church steeple, as someone who dislikes heights - that was fun
  • Joined a hot-air-balloon trip... see immediately above
  • Raced a helicopter.  I was in a car.  See above.  Phew.