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I’m a Bristol based photographer who loves interacting with people, covering all types of event and going that extra mile to make a clients happy.  I’m a very chatty, upbeat and silly human who’s at his best with a camera in his hand and a job to do.  You’ll currently find me near Clifton, often at Bristol Lido, out on a bike or maybe, running around with a bandana, looking like a pirate or Vietnam veteran.  I love trying new photographic things, experimenting with lighting and I’m looking to collaborate on anything where I can be useful. 

I can provide:

  • Bespoke Wedding Coverage – telling a story from start to finish with photographs – while being able to photograph anything you need during the day
  • Event Coverage – any event covered, whether you have a brief to capture images of an audience, spectators, performers, speakers, a list of required images or relaxed reportage throughout the event
  • Portraiture – Solo or family, updating work and business portraits, headshots for actors
  • Photographic tutoring – if aperture, shutter speed, ISO confuse you or you want to get off the Auto modes, I can help you get the most out of your camera equipment

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    I found my passion for photography at university, doing a module in visual design.  I was fascinated by how we can use very basic mathematics and human psychology in composition, elevating a photograph beyond a throwaway picture.  I loved photographing friends – although that might have been because I didn’t enjoy my photograph being taken. 

    I spent 6 months in 2010 working aboard the Queen Mary II, an ocean liner, as a cruise ship photographer.  The ship was designed to cross the Atlantic throughout the year, from Southampton to New York – it wasn’t one of the “easier” ships out there.  Lots of sea days, formal nights and quite often, repeat guests.  I met some wonderful people from all over the world and by the time I finished my contract, my nervousness had given way confidence and I’d learnt a fair few tricks of being an industriously efficient photographer.  I’d also got over my dislike of being photographed, I mean if I couldn’t handle it, how can I ask others to do so?

    I was asked to return for a second contact, offered more responsibility and more pay but decided against it – I missed my family and had some terrific friends who were due to get married. I couldn’t say no when they asked me to take responsibility to photographing their day. 

    Since then, it’s been weddings, photographs of families, children, corporate and private events and most recently, a concerted effort to learn and master portraiture.  My work started with a love of being invisible, blending in and taking candid photographs.  Smiles, laughter, hugs, capturing those special moments.  Portraiture takes a little more time, more discussion, more experimentation. 

    Throughout my career, I’ve challenged myself to take control of busy rooms if a group shot is required, to not be afraid of being the centre of attention for a few seconds here and there.  Formal group shots at weddings used to turn me into a stuttering mess and now, well I still have the slight speech impediment but I relish the opportunity to make people look good and ensure the details like carefully designed hair, wedding dresses, jewellery and sometimes, trouser zips, appear as they should.

    A few people over the years have asked about the “art of photography” and I believe it can be taught, refined, mastered and passed on – if you care enough and want to learn.  Photography really hasn’t changed much in the last 150 years but the technology has made it far easier to experiment and see instant results.  What I have been told about my work is that my personality, my eagerness to please and relaxed nature is what elevates the service I provide.

    My favourite subjects are people who are doing things they love.  Sing, talk, express themselves, work, play.  We are fascinating subjects and I’ll never get tired of us, photographically or socially. 

    There are a lot of talented photographers out in the world, I don’t want to step on toes, shout louder in a world that is already too loud.  If I spam social media, please don’t judge - it’s the world we’ve found ourselves inhabiting. 

    Finally, I use Nikon DSLRs, including the industry leading D850 and D500.  I also use a gorgeous FujiX100V when big lenses aren’t necessary.  I shoot in RAW format, I edit in Lightroom, Affinity Photo and Capture One.  My birthday is in May, I love Christmas and I have zero tattoos as I’ve yet to find one that may suit me.